A Christian View of Islam

Islam 1

A Christian View of Islam

Islam was introduced to Sri Lanka in the 8th century AD, and is, today, a growing and vibrant religion. This course surveys the origins and development of Islam, with special reference to Sri Lanka, and the essential beliefs and practices of Muslims. It also explores the relationship of Islam to the gospel and seeks to develop an appropriate Christian response to Islam in the light of contemporary events.

Weeks: 11 Day: Thursday Time: 6pm-8:15pm
Commencing: 3rd September Credits: 3
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Simon Fuller, BA (Hons) An ordained minister of the Assemblies of God of Ceylon. He serves on the pastoral team of the Assembly of God Balagala. A former Principal of CTS, has also served as Editorial Consultant and Librarian and is currently involved in outreach and teaching/training ministries.

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