Buddhism 4


One of the world’s major missionary religions, Buddhism began in India 2,500 years ago. It has been diffused in different forms across Asia and rooted itself in local contexts of Sri Lanka, Tibet, Thailand, Burma, China, and Japan. This course tries to examine the socio-historical context of Buddhism and the theoretical basis of its fundamental beliefs, key doctrines, and religious life that shaped its unique and characteristic identity.

Weeks: 11 Day: Monday Time: 9:00am–11:15am
Commencing: 6th January Credits: 2
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BA, MA (Missiology), MA (Theology), PgDip (Demography), PhD Research Professor at CTS. A prolific researcher and author of books and academic articles. He was Professor of Modern History at the University of Colombo, and has been Visiting Professor at the Truman Institute of the Hebrew University (Jerusalem), Lee University (USA), and Fuller Theological Seminary (USA). Author of the seven-volumed Sinhala Bible Encyclopedia.

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