Exploring Major Theological Traditions

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Exploring Major Theological Traditions

How do you differentiate between liberal and liberation theology? What are the distinctives of evangelical theology? What are the foundations of reformed theology? Theological positions have often defined Christian community and have, at times, been divisive. This seminar will enable you to understand the roots and developments of four great theological traditions and representative theologians;and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.

Weeks: 10 Day: Friday Time: 9.00am-12:30pm
Commencing: 15th May Credits: 3
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PgDipM (CIM), MA, PhD (candidate) Deputy Principal at CTS. Graduate of Regent College (Vancouver), where he earned an MA in Christian Studies. His interests are in developing integral discipleship and mission in the marketplace, academia, and the public square. He is currently pursuing doctoral research in Sri Lankan colonial history through the Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Colombo. He worships at Calvary Church, Kirulapone.

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