History of Christianity II

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History of Christianity II

AD 1517—AD 1900
The period from the Reformation (1517) to the Modern Missionary Movement (1900) provides a kaleidoscope of great reformers, astute theologians, mass evangelists, and world missions movements, in Western Church history. This information-packed course will help you learn how to apply the lessons of history in the life of the Church today.

Weeks: 11 Day: Monday Time: 9:00am–11:15pm
Commencing: 7th September Credits: 2
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BA, MA (Missiology), MA (Theology), PgDip (Demography), PhD Research Professor at CTS. A prolific researcher and author of books and academic articles. He was Professor of Modern History at the University of Colombo, and has been Visiting Professor at the Truman Institute of the Hebrew University (Jerusalem), Lee University (USA), and Fuller Theological Seminary (USA). Author of the seven-volumed Sinhala Bible Encyclopedia.

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