History of Christianity III

History of Christianity 3

History of Christianity III

AD 1900—AD 2000
The twentieth century has had its share of great Christian moments: the Pentecostal Movement, Christianity during and after two world wars, faith behind the Iron Curtain, the Second Vatican Council, and the unprecedented phenomenon of church growth in the Global South. Understanding these trends will help you become a more effective global Christian.

Weeks: 11 Day: Monday Time: 9:00am–11:15pm
Commencing: 7th September Credits: 2
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PgDipM (CIM), MA, PhD (candidate) Deputy Principal at CTS. Graduate of Regent College (Vancouver), where he earned an MA in Christian Studies. His interests are in developing integral discipleship and mission in the marketplace, academia, and the public square. He is currently pursuing doctoral research in Sri Lankan colonial history through the Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Colombo. He worships at Calvary Church, Kirulapone.

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