Introduction to Mission

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Introduction to Mission

The word ‘mission’ is known by all Christians but there is much confusion about what it actually means. Introduction to Mission will introduce you to the many facets of Christian mission and show how you and your church can play your unique role in the mission of God in diverse and challenging ways.

Weeks: 11 Day: Tuesday Time: 6:00pm–8:15pm
Commencing: 7th January Credits: 2
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DipAgri, BTh, BA , MA Assistant Academic Dean at CTS. Graduate of CTS (BTh), Open University of Sri Lanka (BA in Social Sciences), and Dallas Theological Seminary (USA). He holds an MA in Biblical Studies. An ordained minister of the Living Christ Church. He has over ten years’ experience in church planting. His interest in cartography has made him a key resource person for maps on the biblical world in Sri lankan publications.

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