Introduction to Theology

Theology 2

Introduction to Theology

We all know what we believe . . . or do we? Ever tried to explain Christian beliefs to someone and ended up tongue-tied or confused? Introduction to Theology will help you clarify your own beliefs and explain your faith to others with confidence. The lecturer is the author of the course text To Faith Add Understanding.

Weeks: 11 Day: Tuesday Time: 9:00am–11:15am
Commencing: 7th January Credits: 2
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FCCA, BTh, MA, PhD Academic Dean at CTS. Graduate of the London School of Theology (UK). She was awarded a PhD in Peace Studies from the Asia Graduate School of Theology (Philippines). A Local Preacher of the Methodist Church. Author of To Faith Add Understanding: An Introduction to Christian Doctrine. Her previous career was as an accountant in London’s West End.

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