Personal and Spiritual Formation for Ministry


Personal and Spiritual Formation for Ministry

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Personal spiritual growth and formation is vital to our being godly and effective in ministry. This course takes the student on a spiritual journey of self-reflection, in preparation for a unique ministry within the Church. The goal is to grow in understanding one’s self and one’s relationship with God and with others. Small group discussions will form part of this growth experience.

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Dileeni Abraham BSc, MA Graduate of the University of Peradeniya and Alliance Biblical Seminary (Philippines). Holds an MA in Christian Counselling, with many years of professional counselling experience. She is certified as a Master Facilitator by the Trauma Healing Institute of the American Bible Society. Her ministry has included training and mentoring lay counsellors, teaching counselling, leading trauma healing equipping sessions, and leading women’s retreats. A member of St Luke’s Church Borella.

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