The Church and the End Times

Church and end times 1

The Church and the End Times

Ecclesiology and Eschatology
What do we understand to be ‘the Church’? Is it traditions, buildings, or forms of worship? How will the world as we know it end? The Church and the End Times will examine the key doctrines of ecclesiology and eschatology, and will strengthen you in your engagement in the Church and deepen your understanding of things to come. Take this course. Don’t be left behind!

Weeks: 12 Day: Thursday Time: 3:00pm–5:00pm
Commencing: 9th January Credits: 2
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BSc (Eng), BD, ThM Honorary Chaplain at CTS. A Methodist Minister (retired). Graduate of the University of Peradeniya, London School of Theology (UK), and Fuller Theological Seminary (USA). With a professional background in Engineering, he lectured at the College of Higher Technology, Katubedda (later, the University of Moratuwa). He is a former President of the Methodist Church, Sri Lanka.

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