Understanding Worship

Understanding Worship 2

Understanding Worship

Theology of Worship
What does the Bible have to say about worship that honours God? This course will trace the theme from the offerings of Cain and Abel through the Old Testament sacrifices and the hymns of Israel, into the understanding and practice of worship in the New Testament Church. Based on principles drawn from Scripture this course will help you evaluate and enhance worship in your local church.

Weeks: 11 Day: Thursday Time: 9:00am–12:30pm
Commencing: 14th May Credits: 2
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BA (Hons), ThM, PhD Principal of CTS. Graduate of the London School of Theology, UK (1996), and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, USA (2004) where he earned the ThM in Old Testament and Semitic Languages. He was awarded the PhD in Religious Studies from the University of Cape Town, South Africa (2015) for his thesis that argued for the reexamination of the meaning of the Pauline phrase ‘The God of this Age’ in 2 Corinthians 4:4. He is a leader of the Kollupitiya Methodist Church, and ministers primarily through preaching, youth-guidance, and teaching 13-17 year olds in Sunday School. Ivor and Denisa are parents to two adult daughters.

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