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Books are loaned for a period of two weeks. One extension may be granted for a further period of two weeks. Requests for extension must be made on or before the due date. Requests can be made over the phone. A fine will be levied for material not returned by the due date.


Certain categories of books are for use only within the library and may not be borrowed. These include:

  1. Reference Books: for e.g. dictionaries, encyclopaedias, and certain large or rare books.
  2. Course Reference Books: these are set aside at the request of the lecturers, or have been designated as recommended or required reading for a particular course and placed on the Course Reference Rack for the duration of the course (normally one term) for the sake of ease of access to the entire class.
  3. Periodicals: journals, magazines, and newspapers.
  4. Archival Materials: books marked with a letter A in red are very old, rare, fragile, or of historical importance, and are kept in a separate cupboard which is generally locked, but which can be opened at the discretion of the librarian on duty.

As in classrooms and student-frequented areas elsewhere on campus, the precincts of the library also feature hot spots where laptop-equipped students can browse the Internet while researching, reading, or pursuing other study-related web activities.


If you require photocopies of pages from reference books, please fill in a photocopy request form (available at the library circulation desk) and hand it in, along with the relevant book, to the person on duty at the desk. Requests made before noon will be processed by 4.30 p.m. the same day, while afternoon requisitions will be met the next day at the same times.

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