Privacy Policy


The privacy policy of Colombo Theological seminary are as follows

  1. The information that you provide to the moodle website (Learning Management System) will be kept separately and that will be kept as secure as possible.
  2. This privacy policy is not bound to the information that is collected through other mediums  such as emails, handwritten documents, web forms, registration forms…
  3. the terms and conditions that you see on this website  will change if required by Colombo theological seminary, for the better use of the website And to improve the usability and functionality.
  4. We Encourage the users and the students to have a look at the terms and condition page for any modification.
  5. We do not collect information about students who are under the age of 18.
  6. The school does not handover or forward search personal information to other parties at all.
  7. If you want to delete the information that you have provided to the school you may inform the school to do the necessary action and you can do to the deletion of your data Yourself by removing the moodle account and you will be confirmed by the school the deletion of the data has been completed.

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