A vital aspect of CTS’ mission is providing quality resources to the church, by producing Christian literature and other material, enabling believers who benefit from these to fulfil their respective missions among the nations. As far as publications are concerned, CTS Publishing plays a key role in identifying the resources needed by the cross section of churches represented by CTS students and staff; and producing these in a timely, relevant, and consistent way.

CTS has published several reference works such as the Dictionary of Theology (Sinhala) and the first four volumes of the Sinhala Bible Encyclopaedia (Sinhala). The seminary has also published eight volumes of the Journal of the Colombo Theological Seminary (JCTS), featuring articles written by the faculty. These original articles make a scholarly contribution to historical, theological, biblical, and mission studies, with particular references to the Sri Lankan context. Our journal also aims to make a modest contribution to the international field of evangelical Christian research and scholarship; towards providing relevant and interesting reading material for pastors, teachers, and thoughtful Christians in Sri Lanka; towards providing a forum for publishing Christian articles of academic calibre; and inspiring more members of the Christian community to engage in research and writing.

The vision of the seminary’s publishing arm is to “Enlighten, Enthuse, and Empower” the Church in Sri Lanka. To this end, it has already published a host of resources that included dictionaries, encyclopaedias, and commentaries, as well as song books, supplementary readers, and monographs on diverse topics and subjects, to say nothing of very useful primers in theology.

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