CTS Publications


Almost from its inception, CTS has been committed to producing quality written Christian resources in English, Sinhala, and Tamil. The publishing arm of CTS grew out of the growing sense of urgency to develop contextually relevant resources to support theological studies. In 2001, CTS released its first publication, the Theological Dictionary in Sinhala by Prof G P V Somaratna. Thereafter, CTS Publishing has been steadily producing original and translated publications, reaching a list of 110 titles by the end of 2018.


CTS Library


Commencing with a library collection of 5,500 books in 1994, the library at Kohuwela now exceeds 38,000 volumes. This includes several special collections on Sri Lanka, Buddhism, Science and Religion, Islam, Counselling, Christian resources in Braille, and CTS Dissertations and Theses. In addition, the Kotahena Study-Centre perhaps holds the most comprehensive and up-to-date Tamil Christian library in the country, and the CTS library in Jaffna has a collection of over 3,500 books.


CTS Moodle


Moodle is an online educational platform used used by educational institutions around the world to provide an organized and central interface for learning. 

CTS too has made it available for all its students. It’s a space where students who are enrolled for the course will be able to download class content like lecture presentations, 

journal articles, additional readings and other course related resources.Please note that Each student will have to register by creating an account on the website. The necessary instructions are laid out on the link. 


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