By gaining an awareness of the different approaches to biblical criticism and an appreciation of the Bible in its varied genres, the seminar participant will learn to mine the treasures of Scripture through a scholarly approach to biblical exegesis.

The course will provide an introduction to the theology of Paul as observed in his letters. Attention will be given to how Paul’s distinctive theology was formed in Jewish as well as Graeco-Roman backgrounds, and how he employed a challenging mission practice in service of his Gentile churches. While there will be a focus on1 Thessalonians, I Corinthians, and Philippians, you will also explore theological topics that span all his letters, keeping in mind the life and mission in Sri Lanka, as well as several key issues pertaining to Pauline scholarship.

Christian spirituality is the outworking of the Christian faith into an integrated lifestyle encompassing body, mind and spirit. This course will cover the role of truth in spirituality, helpful spiritual disciplines,and growth through community. It aims to help you build habits that strengthen your relationship with God. Find out how God wants you to use your talents, time, and personality to love Him with all of your heart, strength, and mind.

Learning about a God Who Turns Mourning into DancingNo one is immune from suffering. It can bring out the best in us or trigger a crisis of faith. Present Pain and Future Glorylooks at the biblical perspective of suffering and its radical call for a Christian response to personal suffering and suffering in the world.

Between the two Testaments is a vast period, consisting of fascinating people and events. Background to the New Testament provides insight to the significant events and movements that shape the world of Jesus and of the Apostles. The course will explore the nature of inter-testamental Judaism, its most important movements, significant literature, and the culture of Palestine and the Roman world.

People from shepherds to scholars have wondered who exactly Jesus was! Theologians have striven to describe His divinity perfectly while capturing His humanity poignantly. Person and Work of Christtraces how the Church has tried to articulate the essence and attributes of the Most Unique Person in the whole of human history; and how His death on a cross 2,000 years ago continues to impact the individual and the world.

We all know what we believe . . . or do we? Ever tried to explain Christian beliefs to someone and ended up tongue-tied or confused? Introduction to Theologywill help you clarify your own beliefs and explain your faith to others with confidence. The lecturer is the author of the course text To Faith Add Understanding.