Master of Arts

To equip teachers, writers, and researchers for the church.

The MA programme is designed to provide local students the opportunity to benefit from international standards of scholarship without having to leave the country or give up work and/or ministry to pursue education at master’s level. While the courses do require a high level of commitment and periods of intense work, they have been designed with today’s active Christian in mind. Classes are held on weekday evenings and Saturdays, and students can enrol at any time during the year. The MA programmes will be particularly helpful to theology graduates, church leaders, and Christians in the marketplace, and are aimed specifically at producing theologians who will teach and write, and so provide leadership in helping the Sri Lankan church to engage with the Bible and its cultural context with integrity. Students with an undergraduate theology degree are required to earn 30 credits while those with a non-theological degree will require 60 credits. All MA students are required to submit a dissertation within their chosen track.