Interpersonal Reconciliation in a Shame-Oriented Culture


Interpersonal Reconciliation in a Shame-Oriented Culture

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We all know the distress and disruption caused by conflicts that are not properly resolved. Most of us react to conflict according to a conflict script, which we learn from our culture. This course explores aspects of honour-shame cultures, like Sri Lanka, that affect conflict and its resolution. It will further seek to discover how the New Testament, also written in an honour-shame culture, can help believers re-write their conflict script to become better peacemakers.

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FCCA, BTh, MA, PhD Academic Dean at CTS. Graduate of the London School of Theology (UK). She was awarded a PhD in Peace Studies from the Asia Graduate School of Theology (Philippines). A Local Preacher of the Methodist Church. Author of To Faith Add Understanding: An Introduction to Christian Doctrine. Her previous career was as an accountant in London’s West End.

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